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The Rhythm of Instinct

The rhythm of instinct is a melodious constant.  A force we can count on, expected, part of the natural world.  Humans, once a part of this rhythm, are creating a dissonance, one that reverberates though the quiet instinct around us.  The song we sing is loud.

The Rhythm of Instinct narrates the dissonance between human actions and the natural world.  Offering visual curios, the work speaks to the heavy relationship forced upon our instinctual neighbors. 


We are loud, we are inventors, we are path-makers, and we are hard-wearing.  If we do not change our actions, we will also be alone.

 1.  Instinct: behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level

 2.  Internal view of hand, LED light

 3.  Lithograph of young fawn carcass found on shore of Lake Michigan

 4.  Chanel #5 bottle, water from the Yellowstone River after the 2015 oil spill

 5.  The spring exposure of grasses grown at the Casselton train derailment, April 5, 2015; cyanotype

 6.  The Poetic Range of Unnatural Formations, Matthiessen State Park, Illinois, 2015

 7.  Tourist, Mt. Rushmore, July 2015

 8.  Pixelated image of the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

 9.  Yellowstone National Park fire destruction, matches

10. Coyote skull, 2015 Pantone color of the year: Marsala 18-1438

11. Opaque white beads, Bakken crude oil

12. Foot of a Corvus electrocuted by electrical park at Tioga, in the Bakken Oil region, ND

13. Found objects

14. A love poem to Baldessari, lithograph

15. American Buffalo rib bones, Bakken crude oil

16. Lethocerus Americanus, powder compact

17. For Irene F. Whitney, 1926-2013

18. Is it worth it? Chalcosoma Moellenkampi, $5 bill, 2 $1 bills

19. Devils Lake, ND, clouds reflected, Sully’s Hill National Monument; 1966 Postcard

20. American Buffalo hair, powder compact

21. Diseased cell image, Duke University Hospital Medical Labs, circa 1970

22. Rat fur, air freshener: new car scent, found in the Bakken Oil region, ND

23. The Golden Remains of the May 6, 2015 train derailment in Heimdal, ND

24. Ticks, diamond

25. Mussel shells,   if I may    you were    what I want    once


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